About Us Our Fairyland Lyrics

About Us Our Fairyland Lyrics

Now I don’t feel the same
You know I’ve been waiting for you, years
I look in your eyes I see gold
The feeling of bliss inside me will never go
I Can’t hold for long I need you here
Or just call my name.

I’ll live for your romance
Never an end in our fairyland
We’re gonna have all it takes,in the end…ohh

Let’s live in the moments
I’ll be with you when you are crying
Nothing’s falling against us ever, when it’s true….yeahh

I don’t know why I feel inflamed
For better or worse i want to ‘take on’
Never before I had this light.
Not gonna take the chance to lose it
Thought it was a dream but it ain’t this time
Oh! come on let’s go.

Give me your hand now
We will fly away
Lay beside me girl
Come on come on.