Bearings Scenery Lyrics

Bearings Scenery Lyrics

I shake up the scenery
know you love the greenery
Take you to the view to show you what you mean to me
got you on a Saturday pick me up and let me see
everything I’ve got to catch you in a melody

took a long drive on my own
to see a sunset that I didnt know
all good cause I see in time
these words will feel just right
life can be so sad I know that you hate that
I just wanna sit back and admire the view
with you

We can take a watch to the beach in the pitch black
Keep the speaker low have a drink get it unpacked
Look up at the stars while we listen to the 8 track
Life is good baby take it easy pull the shades back

Keep it in context to keep it alive
I know that its hard but the more that you try the more that you’re given its hard to define
so here’s a good reason to open your eyes

Long drive down all on my own to see a sunset that I didn’t know
I need that touch to take me home
I shake up the scenery, I shake up the scenery

Bearings Scenery