Dove Cameron Bad Idea Lyrics

Dove Cameron Bad Idea Lyrics

Could’ve said this day was coming
See your name light up my phone
You’re having revelations
Wish you never let me go
And you say that you miss me (I’m sure that you miss me)
Funny how you think you’re such a mystery
Say you gotta tell me something
Face to face

I know I shouldn’t do it
But I’m gonna do it
Know exactly where I should’t go
I’m running to it
I been trying out the high road
And I hate it
I’ve got a lot of sins, but you’re my favorite

Baby you’re a bad idea
But I could do a few more years
I’ve got a little left in here
Funny how you reappear
In the nick of time
I guess it didn’t die
Can’t say we didn’t try
Baby we’re a bad idea
Fuck it, let’s do it again

You’ll pick somewhere that’s private
Where and I can really speak
Go ahead and tell me something
That you learned in therapy
And it’s almost convincing (it’s almost convincing)
But I’ve been known to go against my instincts
And I know you’re performing
But it’s working for me
We can talk about it in the morning

Bottom line
Me made it out the first time
Still in love and half alive
We didn’t die
But no guarantees this time, we might
Alright, fuck it let’s do it again