EXO Don’t fight the feeling English Lyrics

EXO Don’t fight the feeling English Lyrics

When everything was revealed
Under the light
The drive on a lonely circuit began
You have to lose everything
You must admit it

That’s how you truly achieve freedom
You have to tackle at least
I’m a little different
Trust me on that one at least, yeah

Get drunk on your own style
What’s wrong with that
You can do anything, yeah
I miss how you’re fearless
You climbed up from the bottom
What are you waiting for
Your youth and arrogance
The crazy things you can do now

Don’t fight the feeling
Follow your instincts, Babe
Don’t fight the feeling
Don’t even stop yourself

No place no town that we can’t go
Always Why not? Face it
What you felt just now is the right answer
‘Causel feel like I’m ballin’ oh babe
Even if I die every night
I breathe in the morning
Who could even imagine
Don’t be swept away
By the obstinate rational
Speed across KWANGYA

Ay yo 24/7 all day
Gonna be gonna be ok
As you went with your feelings
Shawty ’bout to turn it up
You got that love wit that juice
Follow me Wo ooh
Baby I can be ya healin’
Tell me why you fighting the feeling?

For once in my life, I’m betting on the real thing
You know I’m only being serious
Just one in a million, I wanted it to be me
You and I, who shined beautifully in that moment

I’m filled with thoughts tonight
I just want it simple
Run like the dawn
Do it without fear
I’ll believe in this feeling