FerD.K Delight Lyrics

FerD.K Delight Lyrics

I can´t control it
You´re one of a kind
Can´t be descriptive
Of what´s on my mind
You may hold me,
inhale me deeply.
Guess, I´m a bit of a bind
I can afford too
Little protection
Promise I won´t waste
The bond of affection
I´ll do my best.
You might leave a mess behind

Put me in quarantine,
But come and sit next to me
If you don´t stay my queen,
I vanish from the scene
Willing to accept
For all the things you need,
I swear.

I don´t do wrong to you.
Be sure, you´re my delight of life.
That blith spirit´s tailor made for mine.
Even if I lose everything,
Pin my hope on you oooh,
All my hope on you oooh,
Pin all my hope on you.

I can´t imagine
You far away.
My daily routine
Would turn dark-grey.
By various times
My sense is alright.
At this moment it´s going crazy.

I´ve struck a vein of gold.
But there´s more in the air.
This story remains untold.
Fell suddenly into your snare.
I wake up every night.
You don’t lie next to me.