FINMAR Like We Never Did Lyrics

FINMAR Like We Never Did Lyrics

We said it was over and we both meant it
Said some shit we can’t take back
But if I called you tonight and I called it a mistake
And I said I was sorry and I took all the blame
Could you just forgive me and forget it
I know we said it was over
But I’m fine

Like we never did
Like we never broke each other’s hearts
Like it didn’t end
Like it wasn’t so damn hard
When we were moving on getting over each other
Maybe we could get it right this time
Like we never did

I don’t wanna look back and say we didn’t
Try to get past this and make it work
Oh I hate the way it ended cause it didn’t have to
I miss the way it was and I wanna get back to
Us again so let’s pretend

If I could do it all again you know I’d change it
Cause the way I’m feeling right now you know I hate it