Joel Porter – Bad Habits Lyrics

Bad Habits Lyrics

Opened out my pockets
Picked the contents from the ground
I’m not ready for their parting, yet
I stopped the bout
The constant shadowboxing with my doubt
Now the hush has got me tossing
So I do it all again
I can’t help it
Bad Habits

Half awake in the collapsing
Of my house, I send my askings
Up to heaven on the backs of eyelashes
A plastic lie I tell myself
Someday I’ll be someone else
A mannequin up to the glass
I watch the world just walk right past me
Once again
I can’t help ’em

Another day spent in the seams
Of old duvets and magazines
I go missing to the comforts of my daydreams
I drift along the afternoon
Sift through all my “aughts and shoulds”
A Rolodex of my regrets
All future proof of plans I’ll never get to
What’s the use?
I can’t help ’em
Bad Habits

(Can’t seem to follow all my aughts and all my shoulds)
(I need to know that this will all be over soon)

Joel Porter – Bad Habits