Since 90’s Chasing fire Lyrics

Since 90’s Chasing fire Lyrics

Gravity pulls me downwards, away from emotions breaking through
The city comes alive with the sound of our heartbeat beating faster

Where do we go now?
We have fallen back so soon
It consumes us whole
There’s nothing inside but doubts and worries that plagues us over beyond our means
No I ain’t complaining, no I ain’t complacent
Just trying to live

Can you hear the chorus rising up and bringing out the best of you
Cause you’ve been chasing fire that keeps on burning bright as you go

The show never ends
I’ve seen it all before
And the more we try to leave
We lose apart of ourselves

No, I don’t want to be someone else
Wouldn’t you bring me back?

Long, Gone, Lost all the things I own
And it’s over, fading out inside my mind and body

Wouldn’t you light me, yeah light me, come light me up, right now

Since 90’s Chasing fire