TWICE Alcohol Free English Lyrics

TWICE Alcohol Free English Lyrics

When I am with you
Something magical happens
I keep smiling for no reason
Though there is nothing going on

A spell is cast upon me
I could stay up all night without feeling sleepy
All other thoughts go away
And my heart beats louder

Suddenly love feels so easy
So I fall deeper and deeper for you
That’s what you do to me
I am Alcohol free but I get drunk
Though I did not drink at all
It happens whenever I’m with you
Because of the way you look at me
You are my champagne, my wine I drink with my eyes

My tequila, margarit
Mojito with lime
Sweet mimosa, pina colada
I’m drunk in you
You are so special
Although not hard at all
You make the stars come out in broad daylight
With just one sip

Alcohol percentage is completely 0.0%
But I get lost whenever I drink
It doesn’t wear off even after sleep
But I actually quite like this feeling

Easy to the mouth and tummy
Like a drink made of honey
What’s the name of this drink, anyway?
Makes the whole world bright and sunny